al-5 (*hel-)

    al-5 (*hel-)
    English meaning: “to grind”
    Deutsche Übersetzung: “mahlen, zermalmen”
    Material: O.Ind. áṇu- “ fine, thin, very small “ (*al-nu-), Hindi and Bengali üṭ ü “ flour “ (below likewise; Kuhn KZ. 30, 355; different Specht Decl. 125). Av. aša (*arta-) “ crushed, ground” (Hũbschmann ZdMG. 38, 428, Spiegel BB. 9, 178 A. 1). Arm. aɫam “ grinds”, aɫauri (*alatrio-) “ mill “, aleur- “ flour “ (in spite of l instead of ɫ not borrowed from ἄλευρον, Hũbschmann Arm. Gk. I 414), aɫaxin “ servant “, aɫij “ young girl “ (Meillet BAL.-SLAV. 37, 72). Gk. ἀλε: ἀλέω “ grinds, crushes “ *, ἀλέται λίθοι “ millstone, grindstone “, ἄλετος and ἀλετός “ the milling, the grinding “, ἀλετών “mill”, ἀλετρεύω “grind”, ἄλε[F]αρ, pl. ἀλείατα (stretched from ἀλέατα; Schulze Qunder ep. 225) “flour” (from it contracted *ἀλῆτα called out of the new sg. ἄλητον ἄλευρον Hes.; ἀλητο-ειδής Hippocr., ἀλήτων ἀλεύρων Rhinthon), ἄλευρον (*ἀλε-Fρ-ον) “ wheat flour”, ἀλῑνός “ flimsy “ ( “ pulverized, crushed, ground”), ἄλιξ “ miller who grinds the spelt, wheat “ (from it Lat. alica ‘spelt, or a drink prepared from spelt” ds).
    *) Also ἔλυμος “millet”, ὄλυρα ‘spelt”, οὐλαί, Att. ὀλαί “ground coarse grain” (*ολF-, not after J. Schmidt KZ. 32, 382 from *αλF-) would be compatible, perhaps, phonetically (then word root would be *el-, *ol-, *el-). maybe Alb. (*hol-) hollë “flimsy, thin”
    Note: Only Gk. and Alb. preserved the old laryngeal ḫ-.
    References: WP. I 89.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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